Toddlers curriculum

2 - 3 years

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which covers the following developmental areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Gaining self-esteem and confidence
Making new friends
Learning to look after themselves
Learning to care for other people and for their surroundings
Learning to tell others how they feel and what they like best

Communication, Language and Literacy
Listening and talking
Enjoying listening to stories and rhymes
Learning to recognise sounds and words
Experimenting with writing
Having fun with words through familiar songs and rhymes

Mathematical Development
Learning to count
Learning to calculate
Finding out about patterns and shapes
Finding out about space and measurement

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Looking at and noticing things using their senses
Learning about people and places in the local area
Designing and making things
Finding out about things by playing with them
Finding out about animals and plants

Physical Development
Enjoying active play and becoming confident in movement
Enjoying energetic activity indoors and outdoors
Developing skills like running, climbing, throwing and catching
Learning to make delicate movement by doing jigsaws and using small tools
Becoming aware of the importance of health and fitness

Creative Development
Learning to express their ideas and feeling through;
Painting, drawing and modelling
Acting out situations
Singing and making music
Movement and dance