2 - 3 years

The staff in the toddler group provide lots of support and encouragement for your child’s language development. The emphasis here is also on allowing children to become much more independent and to help them develop greater concentration skills. Social skills are strongly encouraged both within freeplay, for sharing and caring, and at meal and snack times. Each activity will allow your child time to explore and discover.

Some of the children in the toddler section are ready to begin potty training and staff actively encourage the children to use the potty throughout the day.

After lunch, there is time for a sleep if your child needs it. The amount of sleep each child needs varies so please discuss this with us. Children who do not need a sleep will have other activities in a separate area.

The staff in the toddler group know that the children are still quite young and do need lots of individual attention and hugs.

Records are kept on each child’s progress. Your child’s records will be used as the basis for planning their activities.