What parents said...

What a fantastic start Jacob has had to his education. We couldn't have asked for a more friendly, stimulating environment to give Jacob the confidence and skills in preparation for school. We would like to say a big thank you.

Jacobs’ parents

Thank you for everything you have done for Joshua whilst he has been in your care. He will really miss you all especially Helen's dance moves which have been the highlight of many parties! You have all been wonderful and we are all sad that Joshua has had to leave. We will miss all of your smiling faces. Thank you so much.

Joshua’s parents

Just a short note to say thank you so very much for all you have done for both Romilly and Ben over the last few years. They have, I think, been given the best possible start in life and much of that is due to all they have learned whilst in your care. It's like the end of an era for us but the start of the next adventure in life for them. Thank you.

Romilly and Ben’s parents

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all their hard work and dedication towards Millie during her stay at Piglets. We believe she has thrived in the environment you have established there and this has prepared her well for the next step in her development. Thank you.

Millie’s parents

OFSTED comments...

Staff create a calm, positive, fun and interesting environment in which children are busy and happy.

Children are settled happily in their care environment. They are confident in their surroundings with both the staff and their peers.

All the children are valued as individuals which actively promotes inclusion. The staff are good role models, they talk to the children respectfully and encourage kindness and good manners. They encourage children to listen to each other and value what they say.

Children progress well because planning is well developed and comprehensive and includes thorough evaluation.

Children are confident, independent and are developing their self esteem.

Children have their individual needs met well and are developing a good range of knowledge and skills because activities and play opportunities are provided that help children achieve in all areas. The daily route is flexible and tailored to meet individual children’s needs with regard to rest and feeding patterns.

........makes an interesting and exciting environment for the children to play and learn.

An excellent range of appropriate equipment and toys and the colourful and stimulating environment make this a very welcoming place for young children.

Children are welcomed into a stimulating, bright and cheerful environment with colourful posters, good quality equipment and attractive displays of children’s art and craft work.

Excellent procedures are in place to ensure the setting has consistently high standards.

Children benefit from healthy and nutritious snacks and meals that are attractively prepared and served by staff. An excellent menu is available which offers the children variety and choice and includes some multicultural dishes. The staff have an excellent attitude towards healthy eating and the setting has received an award for providing healthy food and a healthy environment for the children.